Stand Down: In times of war, exhausted combat units needing time to rest and recover were brought from the battlefields to a place of relative peace and safety.

★ Events ★

2014 North Coast Stand Down
October 3-5, 2014
Humboldt County Fairgrounds
NCSD Board Meetings - 6 PM
Sept 17
Elks Lodge, Herrick Ave, Eureka
Everyone's Welcome.
NCSD Coordinators Meetings - 6 PM
Sept 2, Sept 16, Sept 30
Elks Lodge, Herrick Ave, Eureka
Join us! We welcome new faces.


Calling All Veterans!

The North Coast Stand Down is for you and your family. For three days Veterans, all Veterans, come to the front of the line. Here's what your grateful community is providing for you, all at NO COST:

  • excellent fresh-cooked meals
  • clothes and camping gear for Veterans in need
  • dental care
  • medical care
  • veterinary care for your pets
  • hair cuts
  • massages
  • entertainment
  • experts to help you get through the red tape to the benefits you earned with your service
  • overnight accommodations
  • transportation to and from the Stand Down

Click here to pre-register online

Click here for info about transportation to and from the Stand Down.

Fundraising Dinner Sold Out!

The community support for our Annual Dinner has been amazing. It was a fun event, and poignant at times. Our theme this year was honoring Vietnam Era Vets. All Vietnam Era Vets present were asked to stand and be honored. One said later that it was the first time anyone had EVER thanked him for his service.

Also honored were the Vietnam Vets from our community who never came home. Each table had a picture and name of one of these fifty young men. As each of their names were called, that table stood for them so they could be honored as well.

Did you hear about the event too late, but still want to support the Stand Down? We welcome you to volunteer for the event in October, or you can donate by clicking on the big red heart above.